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Green Cove Springs

Green Cove Springs is a city located along the west bank of the historic St. Johns River and since 1871 has served as the County Seat of Government for Clay County, Florida.  The current population estimate is 6,970, as of April 2013 based on information from the University of Florida’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BEBR).

The city’s name originates from the three physical characteristics.  “Green” refers to the perennially green vegetation characterized by its tree scape and foliage.  “Cove” refers to a bend in the St. Johns River creating a safe area for mooring of boats during inclement weather periods.  “Springs” refers to the natural spring (one of 600 in Florida), originating from the “Floridan Aquifer” with an estimated flow rate of approximately 2,200 gallons per minute.  The spring water flows into the west side of the municipal swimming pool and then flows out the east side forming a stream eventually emptying into the St. Johns River.

The first inhabitants of this region some 5,000 years ago were natives referred to as aboriginals, who were attracted to the area because of the warm mineral spring.  The spring (also referred to as “The Boil”) was a source of sustenance and curative qualities for a variety of sicknesses.  The medicinal qualities of the spring and its location along the St. Johns River served as major contributors to the community’s development as a prominent attraction and destination for tourists during the 19th Century.

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