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Welcome to our website where it’s all about real estate. Whether you’re selling, renting or buying a home, just thinking about it, or looking for a property manager you’ve found the right website.

Times have changed; technology has taken a leading role in the world of residential real estate and we are taking our website to the next level. If you want to research, look at statistical data, or new ways of thinking in the buying and selling of real estate or just interested in what your home is worth, all are just a click of the mouse away!

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Denise was my property manager for 3 years and she did an outstanding job. Denise is a knowledgeable and dedicated individual that took care of my home. I live in a different state and and Denise was that individual who acted on my behalf in all things Real Estate. There are many houses for sale …

Jonny B. Read More

I have worked with Eddie purchasing four homes. His professionalism and subject knowledge has truly impressed me. Has always had good insight as far as comparable home values in the area. What particularly about the neighborhood I have purchases in may make a home more or less desirable as far as schools districts HOA fees …

Michael Attiq Read More

Eddie is my property manager and has been for over three years. He handled the credit checks of the renters, contracts, collections, repairs when needed, with professionals he deals with, and every month, just like clockwork, the monies were always deposited in my checking account every month without fail. He is a consummate professional and …

Bob Kocak Read More

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Is Buying Still More Affordable Than Renting?

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